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Miscellaneous Collectibles

On this page, we list categories of miscellaneous collectibles for sale.    In addition to Lionel Trains, Dept56, GI Joe figures and Barbie dolls that you can find on our main pages, here we have a variety of items such as Hallmark collectibles, DC, Marvel and independent comic books, sci-fi and comic action figures and more!    Check back often...we are constantly updating this collectibles are added frequently!    Feel free to email us with any questions!


Hallmark Collectibles
Here we have listed Hallmark collectibles such as ornaments and figurines.    The Hallmark items listed are new in box.    Since we have our own collection of Hallmark ornaments that include many train items, Barbies, and sports figures, we wanted to include several examples to share. Enjoy!
POTF2 Star Wars/Star Trek Action Figures
The original Star Wars figures from the 1970s were the first "collectible" action figure.    Unfortunately, I never purchased any of the original figures but started collecting the reissues from the 1990s, some of which you'll find for sale here.    In addition, we also have a few Star Trek figures for sale as well.   The figures listed here are new on card.    Check them out!
Starting Line Up Figures
Here you will find a relatively recent collectible called Starting Line Up Figures.   These are articulated figures that represent athletes in the four major sports in the US .   The figures listed here are new on card, never opened.    Take a look!
Power Rangers
The action figure of the 1990s has to be the "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers".    This series exploded onto TV in 1992-93 and was a great fad for several years.    When the action figures first came out, people were buying them faster than they could be made, so the demand was high and the prices on the secondary market were even higher.    The "Fad" has died down, but here you will find some of the early Power Ranger action figures, accessories and "Zords" in their original boxes.    We list both new and "loose" figures in this category. Have a look!
Miscellaneous Action Figures
The action figures listed here don't fit into any single category.    Some are comic book figures while others are figures from TV shows and/or cartoons.    Take a peek to see if there's anything of interest to you!
DC Comics Action Figures
The action figures in this category include many Batman and Superman figures from the 1980s and 90s.    Even though Superman was a more powerful "Super Hero", Batman figures were made in much greater quantities and were much more popular.    These figures are new on card, never opened.    Hope you find some figures here to your liking!
Superman, DC and Other Comics
Back in the 50s and 60s, I was a big fan of Superman and other DC comics.    I resumed my interest in comics in the 1980s but, unfortunately, I couldn't afford to collect the original comics from my childhood, since they are such an expensive collectible.    So I started a small collection of Superman and related comics from the 1980s and 1990s.    Here you can find my duplicates of these comics from the 1980s and 1990s as well as some of my collection for sale.    I also have some Marvel and independent comics from the same period.    Most of these comics are new from the 1990s but some were from the 1980s bought from local comic book shops.    All are in protective covers with backing boards.    Be sure to stop here!
Miscellaneous Toys
This category includes everything else that I have for sale that can't be categorized.    To be honest, these are a "Hodge Podge" of many different items!    You will find new things, old things, and many other weird things!    See if you're interested in any!!!

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