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Action Figures
(Mint on Card)

Figure Series Company Description Price
Alien Queen Aliens     $15.00
Flying Alien Queen Aliens     $15.00
Captain Planet Captain Planet Tiger w/ Anti Radiation Armor $10.00
Captain Planet Captain Planet Tiger Artic $10.00
Captain Planet Captain Planet Tiger Firestorm $10.00
Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget Tiger Water Pistol $15.00
Dr. Judy Lost in Space Trendmaster   $15.00
Rayden Mortal Kombat-Movie Hasbro   $8.00
Shang Tsung Mortal Kombat-Movie Hasbro   $8.00
Angela Spawn Todd Gold staff w/ribbons $30.00
Angela Spawn Todd Silver rings on staff $30.00
Clown Spawn Todd w/comic $15.00
Clown Spawn Todd w/comic Monster Head out $15.00
Medieval Spawn Spawn Todd w/comic Blue armor $25.00
Spawn Spawn Todd w/comic $25.00
Violator Spawn Todd w/comic Chrome card $30.00
Artic Assault Guile StreetFighter-Movie Hasbro   $10.00
Navy Seal Guile StreetFighter-Movie Hasbro   $10.00
Paratrooper Guile StreetFighter-Movie Hasbro   $10.00
Rock Trooper Guile StreetFighter-Movie Hasbro   $10.00
Ambush Shadow The Shadow   Invisible Cape $10.00
April TMNT Movie III Playmates   $20.00
Beast X-Men Toy Biz   $13.00
Brood X-Men Toy Biz   $10.00
Rogue X-Men Toy Biz   $15.00

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