We have decided to thin our collection of Dept56 Snow Babies.    Over the years, we have bought close to one hundred different "Babies" but cannot fit all of them in our display cabinets.    Most of the Snow Babies have been displayed, all have the original boxes.   In one or two cases, some of the nubs on the head have fallen off because of the packaging (these babies are identified with an "*" after the name) but they still are in excellent condition!!!

On the following pages, you will find our selection of Snow Babies for sale.    They are listed in order of their issue date, both the issue dates and retirement dates are shown.    Feel free to email with any questions.   


Give Me a Push
Give Me A Push (1986-90)
#7955-3 - $80.00
Hold On Tight
Hold on Tight (1986-99)
#7956-1 - $25.00
Are All These Mine
Are All These Mine? (1988-98)
#7977-4 - $20.00

Tiny Trio
Tiny Trio (Set of 3) (1988-90)
#7979-0 - $195.00
Special Delivery
A Special Delivery (1990-94)
#7948-0 - $15.00
Why Don't You Talk to Me
Why Don't You Talk to Me (1991-Current)
#6801-2 - $20.00

I Made This Just for You
I Made This Just for You (1991-98)
#6802-0 - $20.00
Is That For Me
Is That For Me (1991-93)
#6893-9 - $35.00
Polar Sign
Polar Sign (1991-96)
#6804-7 - $25.00

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